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LedeLab Group

Relationships for a healthy world.

We are a network of professionals and organizations that promote entrepreneurship and business development, based on the close relationships of members of our community.


Applications and Businesses

We promote independence for our business partners and stakeholders.
Since 1977, we have been developing business relations in the following sectors:

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Materials protection

We design additives and coatings to prevent damage and extend the life of different types of structural materials and finishes.

Energy sources

We design chemical additives for conventional and alternative energy transformation processes. We promote a change on the way we do things to achieve neutral emissions in time.

Biological damage control

We design solutions based on safe chemical compounds, taking advantage of natural ingredients technology or with very little processing.


Healthy homes and workplaces design

We promote migration towards the use of healthy spaces, educating users, implementing sustainable construction standards and designing adequate solutions for them.